Kent Moustache Comb | A 81T Extra Small Moustache Comb


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Not your average plastic comb.

Normal plastic combs are molded in some Chinese factory. Hot plastic, poured into molds, hardened and shipped in their millions. They’re cheap, low grade and destroy hair.

The molding process, (while the comb may feel smooth) leaves a ton of microscopic jagged edges which rip your hair to bits. Plus the teeth are thin and bendy, which get tangled in your beard.

Enter Kent, who create handmade combs right the UK.

Kent combs are crafted from a solid piece of plastic, saw cut by hand and then polished to a smooth finish.

This tiny moustache comb is awesome. It’s perfectly smooth, stiff toothed and will slide and glide right through your moustache.

Moustache Comb

73mm in length, fine toothed moustache comb.

This specialist comb is perfect for grooming, maintaining and trimming facial hair.

The comb is saw cut and hand finished from a single piece of plastic.

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