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6 bottles of beard oil on a wooden shelf


Designed to condition and soften even the toughest of beards using a magical combination of aloe vera, butters, and oils. 

100ml tin of Stuff Stuff original beard conditioner

Loved by our customers

    Conditioner = dreamy soft beard

    "Just tried my Scruff Stuff Conditioner for the first time… holy s#!t my beard is soft. I have quite a rough beard and now it feels like cotton wool!"

    Treat yourself, it won't disappoint

    "Sorry, but I can’t get over how soft my beard is! That beard conditioner is amazing stuff! It’s only the second time using it as well and it’s even better than before, treat ya selves! I promise ya won’t be disappointed!"

    Little goes a long way

    "Bro! Hats off to you! That conditioner is the muts nuts! Amazing work and can’t believe how a little bit goes such a long way. Amazing wizardry bro."

    Done more in two days

    "Got mine on Monday and if I could only buy 1 product from shampoo, oil, and balm this would be the one. It’s done more in two days than all my products have done in two years. Absolutely brilliant stuff."

    You have to experience it

    "It’s fantastic. It’s hard to quantify exactly what “Barbershop” is. To experience the scent you simply have to stroll into an old school style barber shop and smell the air. That is what is in this bottle.."

    Addicted isn't the word

    "I think I am addicted to it as I have used it everyday since receiving it! Lol My beard has never felt so soft."

    Blended to perfection

    "James, the man behind Scruff Stuff, is up there with the best oil blenders, his oils are always blended perfectly, resulting in the essential oils working in harmony with each other and not fighting each other to over power the oil with one particular scent."

    Silky smooth and smells superb

    "I love this oil. Having tried a few I was drawn to this and thought yeah why not. I’ve used other oils but this is by far the best. Not only does it leave your beard silky smooth it smells superb. Buy some now, you won’t be disappointed."