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The drip stopper is used to control the flow and reduce waste. Simply turn the bottle upside down, straight not tilted and the oil will flow out. No need to tap or shake.

Shake the bottle before opening however.

Yup, that’s completely normal. Some of the essential oils used have a slight colour.

e.g. the grapefruit is orange-ish, the patchouli is light brown etc. But the darkest by far are the coffee, tobacco, and benzoin oils.

So oils like the “The Dark Side”, “Marshmallow” and “God Mode” will appear noticeably darker than all the rest.


No finished product or ingredient used has been tested on animals.

Your patchy or slow growing beard could be caused by any number of reasons.

Genetics play a huge factor in beard growth. Diet and lifestyle also have an affect. Or you could simply be very young. Some men don’t get a full beard until they are mid-20s or older.

Avoid any company that sells beard growth oil or supplements.

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