Kent Beard Comb | A 20T Folding Pocket Comb

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Not your average plastic comb.

Normal plastic combs are molded in some Chinese factory. Hot plastic, poured into molds, hardened and shipped in their millions. They’re cheap, low grade and destroy hair.

The molding process, (while the comb may feel smooth) leaves a ton of microscopic jagged edges which rip your hair to bits. Plus the teeth are thin and bendy, which get tangled in your beard.

Enter Kent, who create handmade combs right the UK.

Kent combs are crafted from a solid piece of plastic, saw cut by hand and then polished to a smooth finish.

The result is a perfectly smooth, stiff toothed comb that glides through your beard like some majestic bird.

Beard Comb

100mm in length. Fine toothed folding comb, with a pocket clip.

The comb edge is saw cut and hand finished from a single piece of plastic.

Folds easily to slip into your pocket for grooming on the go.

Doubles as beard comb and head hair comb.

3 reviews for Kent Beard Comb | A 20T Folding Pocket Comb

  1. ADAM (verified owner)

    Really nice comb, fold out action is great and feels sturdy also does its job of combing pretty well! It is unfortunately let down by the cheap clip mounted on the side, the high quality feel and ethos of the product would be better without the clip or with a better one.

    All in a perfect little beard comb

  2. Adrian (verified owner)

    Smooth comb fits discretely in the pocket and is always there when you need it.
    Recommend to anyone looking for a nice compact beard comb.

  3. Ciaran (verified owner)

    Great comb, runs through the beard smoothly and fits in your pocket to keep things tidy throughout the day!

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