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Beard oil for all beard types. From short, neat, business beards to bear wrestling, wild men.

Forget the fancy boxes and fluffed up packaging you get with other brands (to make up for their sub-par ingredients).

We set out aiming to create the best all natural beard oil, made with premium ingredients, and blended into 12 unique scents – just for you.

You can buy single bottles of beard oil or choose the highly popular monthly beard oil subscription.

All oils made with a base of grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil and castor oil. Each chosen for their unique benefits for hair and skin.

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Glass Pipette for 15ml Beard Oil

Glass pipette for easier oil dispensing.

  • Beard Oil FAQs

    How do I use the Scruff Stuff Beard Oil?

    Best applied straight after the shower. Towel dry your beard, then while still slightly damp, pour a few drops of beard oil on to your finger tips. Rub your hands together and then massage the oil into your beard and down to the skin.

    To help spread the oil you can brush your beard with a boar hair brush, or any other natural haired brush.

    How often should I use the beard oil?

    Ideally you should apply beard oil every day, after you wash your beard.

    What size is the bottle?

    15ml / 0.5 fl oz

  • Ingredients

    Contains grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, essential oil, and vitamin E.

  • When will my order ship?

    Orders are shipped Monday to Friday. After you place an order, we try our best to ship as soon as possible, but depending on the number of orders it may take 1-3 business days for your order to ship.

    Keep in mind that during the Christmas period orders may take longer to ship, and also longer to receive.

  • How do I know when my order has shipped?

    You should receive an email confirmation when you order has been packed and sent.

  • How long does delivery take?

    For UK orders, average delivery times can vary from 1-5 days.

    For international orders, delivery times can take from 3-30 days. It all depends on the individual country, and if the item was inspected by customs.

    International items are sent tracked (except for single subscription orders). This seems to result in shorter delivery times, and less loss parcels.

  • Are duties or custom fees included for international orders?

    No. Any duties, taxes, or customs fees will be assessed to the customer by their home country upon the order arriving and must be paid separately to receive your order.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Scruff Stuff accepts all major credit cards via Stripe. You can also pay via PayPal. Subscriptions are only available via Stripe.

Scent Details

  • Foresty Sh*t

    An epic forest scent. January’s subscription beard oil.

    Be prepared. Using this oil implies that you are ready to wrestle a bear at a moments notice.

    Made with: Pine, juniper, howood, and patchouli essential oils.

  • Cola Kai

    A cola cube scent. February’s subscription beard oil.

    Dryness does not exist in this beard. Listen closely and you can hear an 80s training montage right inside the tub. With just a small blob of this cola scented goodness and you’ll be ready for anything.

    Made with: Lemon, orange, lime, bay laurel, and cinnamon essential oils.

  • Fruits of Plunder

    Sweet like victory. March’s subscription beard oil.

    Sharpen your axe, and prepare your beard for battle. Pillage, plunder, and smell awesome.

    Made with: Grapefruit, ho wood and patchouli essential oils.

  • Orange Kush

    Sweet, tangy and herbalicious. April’s subscription beard oil.

    Relax… and let your beard enjoy.

    Contains oil from the finest English grown hemp plants. Lab tested and free from THC and CBD.

    Made with: Orange, patchouli, cannabis, bergamot and vetiver essential oils.

  • God Mode

    Coffee makes you invincible right? May’s subscription beard oil.


    Beard dryness getting you down? Activate god mode, and make your beard invincible.

    Made with: Sandalwood, grapefruit, coffee and vanilla essential oils.

  • The Dark Side

    Tobacco and liquorice, the choice of Vader. June’s subscription beard oil.

    An scent so good it could turn anyone to the dark side.

    Made with: Fennel, tobacco, bergamot and patchouli essential oils.

  • Marshmallow

    Sweet, warm vanilla scent. July’s subscription beard oil.

    Smells like it’s name. A customer favourite.

    Made with: Benzoin, orange and patchouli essential oils.

  • Morning Wood

    Fresh and woody. August’s subscription beard oil.

    Dwoiiinnnnnnnngggggggig. Wake up fresh everyday with Morning Wood beard oil.

    Made with: Sandalwood, cedarwood, tea tree and patchouli essential oils.

  • Barbershop

    Rich wood and citrus. September’s subscription beard oil.

    Take a seat in an old school barber’s chair. Surround yourself with rich woods, and sweet, sharp, citrus scents. In a perfect world all barbershops would smell like this.

    Made with: Sandalwood, orange , bergamot and patchouli essential oils.

  • Candyman

    Fresh, sweet and fruity. October’s subscription beard oil.

    Reminds me of those iconic, chewy, hard shelled, bags of sweets.

    Made with: Orange, lime, geranium and cedarwood essential oils.

  • Into the Wild

    Deep and complex. November’s subscription beard oil.

    Wilderness? No problem. With just one drop, your primal instincts kick in. Watch your beard guide you like a compass to water and shelter. Grab some sticks, BOOM! A fire. Now where’s my beer?

    Made with: Bergamot, juniper, lemon, lime, geranium, vetiver and patchouli essential oils.

  • Pirates Breath

    Bay rum, sweet and spicy. December’s subscription beard oil.

    Banish beard dryness to the boo box with a bay rum-esque mix of spice and citrus. Described by one customer as “Jamaican ginger cake in a bottle”.

    Exotic island beauties guaranteed, hook and eye patch optional.

    Made with: Bay, lime, cedarwood and cinnamon essential oils.

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Beard Oil Reviews

  1. Matthew Hills

    Just received my first oil from the subscription and I’m very impressed.

    The ingredients, scent, consistency, and price are all spot on and the customer service has been brilliant. I heard several people praising this brand, including Zec from Sat on my Butt reviews and I now see why.

    I’m very happy with my purchase and would have no problem recommending Scruff Stuff to others.

  2. Brian Kirk (verified owner)

    Only just got mine and already wanting more! Great service, delivery and top class products. Very highly recommended!

  3. Andy Dobbs

    I’ve had the subscription for 7 months and wouldn’t go back to any other beard oil.
    Each scent is very different and all are amazing.
    I look forward to my oil arriving every month 🙂

  4. Duncan

    Amazing stuff. Have typically avoided beard oils, always found they left my beard greasy. The Scruff Stuff oils leave my beard (which is very coarse) very soft, smelling great and controls my beard like I’m using a balm.

  5. David Gordon

    (Candyman) Absolutely love this beard oil, this is great putting onto my freshly washed beard in the morning. Smells great and the scent lasts for ages. So far this has to be my favorite one.

  6. Mark

    (Pirate’s Breath) Awesome product!! This was my first oil sent through subscription & I love it!!
    My work colleagues also enjoy having a good sniff!!

    I can’t wait for my next delivery

    Thanks guys

  7. Nathan (verified owner)

    (Candyman) I love this oil. It reminds me of some refreshing chew sweets from my childhood (of course I haven’t touched any since I was a child, honest)

    The oil helps maintain a soft beard and smells awesome.

  8. Marc

    (Marshmallow) Been using this for 5 days now, clean and fresh smell and my beard feels soft and clean all day long. Do yourself a favour and sign up for the subscription. Unbelievable value for a awesome product. Can’t wait for my next oil

  9. Andrew

    (Barbershop) I’ve been using this beard oil for over a week now and it is superb. I love the smell that it gives that seems to last longer than other beard oils that I have used in the past. I would be happy receiving this oil every subscription it is that good.

  10. Ciaran

    (Into the Wild) Great product, makes my beard feel great and smell fantastic! Herself is a big fan of it too!

  11. Philip

    (Marshmallow) Goodness, what an oil!

    Such an amazing fragrance – this is by far the most unique and appealing oil I’ve tried (from here or anywhere). Couple that with the soft feel and manageability this oil gives to my beard and it’s the perfect product.

    Loving your work – please never stop doing what you’re doing!

  12. Darryl

    (Into the Wild) My Review of the ‘Into the Wild’ beard oil by #ScruffStuff.

    Into The Wild beard oil is described on the site over at as a manly spa for your face. This is because it is filled with 7 essential oils. One of which I will detail in a moment! I am very happy to see bergamot, lime and geranium included.

    “The earthy base notes of patchouli and Vetiver, blended with juniper berries and cut with sharp citrus. All topped off with the sweetness of geranium.”

    The inclusion of Vetiver is unique in this product and is very much welcome. For those who didn’t know Vetiver is a tropical plant that is native to India (though 80 percent of the Vetiver oil used commercially comes from Haiti these days). The oil is extracted from the roots.
    It is one of the finest perfumes known, with a woody aroma and a smokiness that is masculine which has been likened to that of incense and cigars. Its complex chemical make-up means that currently there is no synthetic substitute available and it is important to note that Vetiver is an important ingredient used in around a fifth of all male fragrances.

    Back to the oil! Upon taking my first sniff I was immediately transported to a Tough Mudder event that a friend and I had conquered a few years back. More specifically, we had just spent 30 minutes descending into what could only be described as a freezing hell of moss and mud. We were then tasked with climbing back up and over a ridge where, according to our map, we would be met with a fire trail.

    Once we reached the top, by hands and knees we were greeted with the most beautiful scene I have witnessed to date. We were atop a basin filled with bluebells and fir trees. The sun burned through the clouds, highlighting the mist and casting shadows across the ground. The smoke from the nearby fire walk goaded us, dancing with the freshness of the atmosphere we were currently in awe of. At this moment the fire did not matter to us since we were standing at the entrance to what defined being truly free. We had succumbed to nature, our senses, not overwhelmed, but in balance – just like the mountains on the horizon which had risen over millions of years and seen more than the firs and grasses combined.

    This is what Into The Wild is all about ladies and gentlemen. Exploration, risk taking, being tested and discovery. At the end of the day, it is just a beard oil and a damned fine one at that. The combination of oils do a great job of conditioning the course hair that beards tend to have. An inclusion that took me by surprise was coconut oil – this is an expensive ingredient that has many fantastic uses and is top class when it comes to conditioning of skin and hair. It should be noted that, over time, coconut oil will slowly strip hair dye. It is also very effective at highlighting the natural hues of the beard, especially the reds.

    The applicator is a great quality with a short nozzle so you can squeeze the last few drops out and get the most from your purchase. Only a few drops are needed I found to get benefit from this oil. All in all I would rate this a 4/5. The reason this oil didn’t receive perfect marks is that I feel some people may struggle to get on with the geranium and bergamot scents. I will finish saying that you can really tell that great care and time has been put into creating this blend which is very much appreciated and encouraging that James, the creator of Scruff Stuff Beard Oil, does indeed have a good nose for this venture.

  13. Scott

    (Marshmallow) This was the first oil I received from my subscription, Love the sweet smell and it has definitely made my beard softer and more manageable.
    Looking forward to next month to experience some more fragrances =)

  14. Scott

    (Pirate’s Breath) Just got this today on subscription and I love it.
    Great smell, Reminds me of the smell of blue liquid the comb sits in at the barbers.
    Would recommend it!

  15. Daniel

    (Pirate’s Breath) My first beard oil, couldn’t be happier, great smell, light feeling, can’t wait to try some of other oils! =)

  16. Neil (verified owner)

    God Mode. Not only is the oil great, the smell is awesome! Every time I put some on my beard it reminds me of coffee beans in chocolate.

  17. Ian Bassett

    Have had a subscription for years, top oils for me are Foresty Sh!t, Pirates Breath (love Bay Rum) and Kola Kai (Beard First, Beard Hard, No Shaving!)
    Great service, love the beard conditioners too.

  18. Oliver Matthews

    My £1 free trial came..
    Pirates breathe
    So wintery and soothing, but so f***ING soft.

    Nothing bad to say about this.
    Youd be stupid to not try it tbh.

  19. s.ogden85

    (Pirate’s Breath) This is my 3rd oil on subscription, and this is my favourite (so far) the smell is unbelievable.

  20. cpaddington (verified owner)

    (The Dark Side) Amazing stuff! Leaves my beard feeling nice and sexy

  21. Papabear

    (Morning Wood) How could a man not like a bit of wood in the morning 😉

  22. jdrummey93

    (Fruits of Plunder) Love this beard oil. Genuinely smells like a cup of earl grey!

  23. Dominic

    (Barbershop) My absolute favorite, fresh, clean and sharp.
    Makes me feel like I’ve just walked out of the barbers looking a million dollars!

    I absolutely cannot fault any products by scruffstuff and have recommended it to so many people and never had a bad comment! They all love it!

    Thank you so much James, if I hadn’t have found Scruff stuff I’d probably still look like an 8 year old girl.


  24. winstonbusa99 (verified owner)

    (Morning Wood) Brought this as a one off I have tried lots of beard oils from all different companies and wow this is the best by a country mile leaves the beard soft and smells amazing even hours later it is that good I signed up for the monthly subscription and the cola Kai is amazing too, so happy I found this site what a find thank you James your a beard oil guru

  25. Ged (verified owner)

    (Pirate’s Breath) Been using oil on and off for about 3 years. Stumbled on this site following a google search for Irish beard oil. Lucky me. Stuff is great. Smells fantastic and softens in a matter of days. Ordered Sunday, delivered Tuesday. Amazing. Amazing.

  26. Simon

    (Pirate’s Breath) By far my favourite one in the range smells amazing. Everyone else who have smelled it comments how nice it is.

  27. Christian

    (Morning Wood) Love the tea tree aroma of this oil! Really smells great and very different to the usual smells you get with beard oils. The scent even lasts quite a while! I get the odd reminder later in the say which is nice.

  28. Simon

    (Pirate’s Breath) Wow love this oil it smells amazing and leaves my beard nice and soft. My girlfriend loves the smell too, she is just as excited as myself for me to try the rest of the range.
    The bay in the pirates breath gives it a distinctive smell that is so sniffable.

  29. graeme

    (Pirate’s Breath) absolutely spot on. by far the best beard care product ive tried yet!

  30. Andrew

    (Barbershop) This was my first oil received on the subscription.
    I’ll be quick and simple and to the point.
    Buy this oil.
    An amazing scent, great effect on the hair. And sticks around all day. Fantastic stuff. And at a great price too.

  31. Andrew

    (Morning Wood) Absolutely gorgeous fresh scent and works wonders on your mane. I know facial hair is course but mine can be even more so. Even my ex said “WOW!” A must buy.

  32. Ian

    (Candyman) The word that comes to mind with this oil is “Fresh”. Feel ready to take on anything for the day once this is in the mane.
    I like to do my fair share of manly stuff, chopping down a forest with a single swing, rebuilding engines with just my two hands (tools aren’t a necessity), smoking cigars atop a snow covered mountain and enjoying a fine whiskey in front of a fire (with the wood that I chopped down).
    Even with these manly things a man these oils to maintain the mane without looking like that guy that lives under a rock.
    I would recommend this oil to anyone once you start using you won’t regret it.

  33. Ian (verified owner)

    (Marshmallow) The Beard of Zeus

    What can I say about this product? Amazing, you look amazing and at the end of it smelling like the beard of Zeus (not so sure about that, I’ve never met him).

    All in all though, I’ve never used beard oil or a proper quality comb (been 6 months growing) and I can honestly say the best my beard has felt, looked and smelled.

    Delivery was extremely quick I couldn’t believe it.
    So anyone looking for beard oil to tame the mane, I would definitely recommend Scruff Stuff.

  34. Russ

    (Pirate’s Breath) Pirates breath is simply awesome, I currently have a healthy collection of oils, unfortunately they’re all being shelved as they don’t deliver nearly as high a quality. Three days of using pirates breath and my beard has gone from doormat to silky soft and unlike some oils it’s not heavy and greasy, the scent lasts and has an amazing spiced rum tone it’s just awesome, bring on the other scents, amazing product keep up the good work

  35. Jonathan

    (Marshmallow) OH WOW!!!

    My beard so now so soft and smooth!
    And the smell is out of this world! I do happen to think it smells like lightly roasted marshmallows.
    Imagine sat by a fire in winter, holding a stick roasting marshmallows with your epic beard, looking fine…well it smells like that but you get it while wearing your underpants watching emerdale with the central heating on no need to build a fire.

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