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Warning: Don’t use this beard conditioner unless you want an absurdly soft beard.

The beard conditioner packs a powerhouse of moisture right into your beard using a magical combination of butters, oils, and other natural ingredients.

Designed for use right after washing (much like a hair conditioner). It’s made specifically for beards, to help soften and condition even the toughest wooly face warmers.

Recommended use: Apply once or twice a week after washing. Take a small pea sized amount (or slightly more depending on your beard length), massage into your beard, concentrating on the main body and the tips of the hair. Leave for a minute or two, then rinse well.

Contains aloe vera, shea butter, hempseed oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, glycerine (vegetable derived) and essential oils.

100ml / 3.75 fl oz

9 reviews for Beard Conditioner

  1. Jonathan Cowan (verified owner)

    I think this may be the first time I have ever left a review for a product despite all those lovely emails you get! Firstly let me start by saying if you are thinking about buying this or any other product from just do it.
    This stuff is the best thing I’ve ever put through my beard. I have the thickest coarse beard and it tends to get dry. At the time of writing it is Sunday evening. Sunday is the worst day for my beard as I have to take it swimming with me and the kids. Absolutely kills it. On top of that I have to wash it to get all the chlorine and stuff out. Washed, used this amazing gear and pirate breathed it up. Hard day for the beard but it feels awesome now. Thanks James.
    Additional point you should look to do a soap or shampoo so I can buy all my gear from you.
    Cheers Jon

  2. Duncan (verified owner)

    My beard is what can best be described is a thick mass of wiry pubes, with brushing it through a devastating exercise in pain management. I introduced it to The Best Damn Beard Softener You’ll Ever Use, Ever this past Sunday, and now Wednesday, it’s still so soft I’m concerned I’m getting nothing else done apart from just stroking it all day. The beard, honest. I used a bit more than a pea sized amount as recommended because I’m fairly sure my beard would withstand a nuclear blast at this point, but Mr Stuff is some sort of wizard for concocting a product so magical. Looking forward to changing the rest of my usual beard products (balms) over to scruffstuff. Lovely.

  3. Papabear (verified owner)

    My beard swears by it 😉

  4. Ryan (verified owner)

    It truly does live up to its name! Absolutely incredible.

  5. Tara (verified owner)

    My husband is obsessed with this conditioner he says its the best hes ever used. I have to agree his beard is dreamy soft 😍

  6. Lyle (verified owner)

    Another must have for your beardly rituals. Use it one to two times a week and your beard will thank you for it. Smells great too.

  7. Sebastian (verified owner)

    Ordered it after reading a review online. Just used it in the shower. Amazing! My beard is so soft now, I want to make a pillow out of it. I won’t of course, but it is that soft. Shipping to Germany was also very quick. 5 Stars!

  8. Matt (verified owner)

    This stuff is just amazing, I’ve tried a lot of stuff on my beard over the years, but nothing like this, I saw an advert on facebook and thought I would try the oil subscription and this to see what it’s like, and I’m glad I did! My beard is super soft now and I couldn’t be happier

  9. Simon (verified owner)

    Just received the conditioner this morning loving the way it has made my beard feel. Would love it more if it came in my favourite fragrance from the range Pirates breath. ?

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