About Scruff Stuff

My name is James Harte. I like all things food, beer, whiskey, coffee and beards. Oh and lifting heavy things (then putting them back down).

Scruff Stuff was created because my beard was getting dry, itchy and flaking everywhere.  It was driving me nuts, nearly to point of shaving. Luckily that never happened.

My barber at the time had a beard and recommended a popular brand of beard oil. I tried it and got no relief.

So began the research into different oils and a ton of experimenting with blends. Scruff Stuff was beginning to piece together.

I used the oil I'd made for a few weeks and the condition of my beard just kept improving.

Flakes and itch? Gone.

Dry beard? Not any more.

Softer beard? You fucking bet.

I knew I was onto something good, so that's when I decided to start helping other men improve the condition of their beards.

When I'm not making beard products you'll find me browsing endlessly on the Internet or walking my dog in the mountains.

Trying my best to look badass...

Where to get the good stuff?

You've come to the right place.

Beard Oil - Whether you're just starting to grow or you're half-way between Bronson and ZZ Top - I recommend you use beard oil everyday. Check the beard oil range here.

Beard Balm - Depending on how long your beard is you might want to use beard balm. Beard balm helps improve your beard and skin using oils, cocoa butter and shea butter. It also contains beeswax. The beeswax acts as a sealant to trap in the oily and buttery goodness. It also helps to tame those stray hairs. Check out the beard balm range here.

Combs and Brushes - The use of a natural bristled brush will spread the oil evenly through your beard, untangle it without pulling hairs and help to remove dead skin. It feels really good too.

A proper comb will run smoothly through the beard hairs and help you to shape it without keeping stuck or damaging the hair.

Luckily Kent make boar hair brushes and hand-cut / polished combs. A great company with awesome products. Beard combs here and beard brushes here.