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Received this yesterday and I’m very happy with it! Marshmallow scent smells amazing if you like sweet scents. Also, it’s quite light on the beard and makes it feel good. Would definitely buy and recommend!
Nikolas Zivanas ReviewNikolas Zivanas, subscription customer.
My first oil, ‘barbershop’, arrived this morning. All I need to say is that on the strength of this product I can’t wait to receive more. Only problem is resisting putting more and more on.
Dougie Cunningham ReviewDougie Cunningham, subscription customer.
Candyman first impressions: the oil is very light and easily absorbed into the beard. I think that the fact that you don’t use Argan oil is a big plus in my book, as I think this is overrated and causes the almost chip oil texture to most beard oils. Yours is still a lot better value and quality than beard oil that I have bought at treble the price.
Jason Crook ReviewJason Crook, repeat customer.
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Are You Ready to go from Average Beard to Awesome Beard?


Scruff StuffBeard Oil Mixed to Perfection

Think, the lynx effect..

Scruff Stuff is made with unique blends of essential oils, (no boring, basic “orange” or “sandalwood” here). Meaning an awesome smelling face for you, and a conversation starter with anyone you choose. Just let them sniff your beard.

All-natural ingredients

Scruff Stuff is light and easily absorbed. It contains grapeseed, coconut, jojoba, castor and vitamin E oils. Your beard and skin get all the benefits beard oil offers with none of the drawbacks (greasy, oily or heavy in the beard).

The secret to taking your beard from average to awesome

Use a high quality beard oil daily, this will prevent beard flakes while keeping your beard smooth, soft and easy to manage (no more stray hairs).

You’ll also hydrate the often neglected skin underneath, for a happier, better looking face warmer.

Would you like your first bottle of beard oil for only £1?

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